Everyone has that playlist. And we can name it a number of different ways: "romance washed", "shitty day", “chill out mode”, "Twilight Saga: New Moon", “the vanity of existence”, “eros lost” or in our case “LINDENBURG”. It’s that playlist that allows us to envelope our profound despair. Whether it be for a momentary shower or for weeks at a time. We’ve all experienced that destabilizing feeling of:  SHITTINESS!

Oh wait some of you want to call it “emo”. But come on “emo” is for seventh graders who masturbate in math class and then cry after an orgasm. We’re all adults here let’s call it what its not.

Whatever might trigger LINDENBURG, an abrupt breakup, a glance in the mirror, finding blood in poop, a question of faint existence, lonely thoughts, or just straight up drunken schizophrenia, there’s a playlist.

Here at POWzine we’d like to take a moment to recognize that playlist and all of us who loop it more than 10 times. Therefore, we have conjured up our own for-free-viewing.

This is just a start. We’d love for your participation to make this playlist as dreary as it can be. So click buttons and add to LINDENBURG.

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What's my line again?:

Here at POWzine we like to sing...LOUD; and it ain't pretty! I'm talkin' 90s era Mariah-Carey-getting-a-squash-randomly-stuffed-in-between-her-butt-cheeks-without-knowing style. Since we're dumb as rocks (doesn't mean we can't make things good) we also always get the lyrics to our fave songs wrong. For example:

"Women on the train with the D cups"
Lemons on the chain with the V cuts


"High schooool! High schooool! I looooooooove high school giiiiirls!"
Art schooool! Art schoool! I loooooooooove art school giiiiirls!

Now...here's our question to you: What are some of your fave lyrical mishaps? We better hear some R Kelly jamz cuz if not you're just wasting our time.

Also, what do you guys want for XXXmas? I mean, its not like we're gonna get it for you, but maybe we'll draw you a pretty picture of it.


Our Story:

POWzine began as a side project for Jahmitza Perez and has currently expanded into a multi-billion dollar small business corporation (not unlike Panera bread). Here at POWzine, we     (verb)      tons of     (adjective)      tasks everyday! Each morning, the POWteam begins the day by   (verb)   -ing and   (verb)   -ing, which can be pretty exhausting. This is followed by a 4-5 hour nap, in which a   (noun)   sneaks in and writes the bulk of the zine.

When we   (adverb)       (verb)  , there is a session of   (noun)   , so at this point, it basically looks like Michael (proper noun) , which means, of course, that there is nothing we can do really.