What's my line again?:

Here at POWzine we like to sing...LOUD; and it ain't pretty! I'm talkin' 90s era Mariah-Carey-getting-a-squash-randomly-stuffed-in-between-her-butt-cheeks-without-knowing style. Since we're dumb as rocks (doesn't mean we can't make things good) we also always get the lyrics to our fave songs wrong. For example:

"Women on the train with the D cups"
Lemons on the chain with the V cuts


"High schooool! High schooool! I looooooooove high school giiiiirls!"
Art schooool! Art schoool! I loooooooooove art school giiiiirls!

Now...here's our question to you: What are some of your fave lyrical mishaps? We better hear some R Kelly jamz cuz if not you're just wasting our time.

Also, what do you guys want for XXXmas? I mean, its not like we're gonna get it for you, but maybe we'll draw you a pretty picture of it.


Our Story:

POWzine began as a side project for Jahmitza Perez and has currently expanded into a multi-billion dollar small business corporation (not unlike Panera bread). Here at POWzine, we     (verb)      tons of     (adjective)      tasks everyday! Each morning, the POWteam begins the day by   (verb)   -ing and   (verb)   -ing, which can be pretty exhausting. This is followed by a 4-5 hour nap, in which a   (noun)   sneaks in and writes the bulk of the zine.

When we   (adverb)       (verb)  , there is a session of   (noun)   , so at this point, it basically looks like Michael (proper noun) , which means, of course, that there is nothing we can do really.