Everyone has that playlist. And we can name it a number of different ways: "romance washed", "shitty day", “chill out mode”, "Twilight Saga: New Moon", “the vanity of existence”, “eros lost” or in our case “LINDENBURG”. It’s that playlist that allows us to envelope our profound despair. Whether it be for a momentary shower or for weeks at a time. We’ve all experienced that destabilizing feeling of:  SHITTINESS!

Oh wait some of you want to call it “emo”. But come on “emo” is for seventh graders who masturbate in math class and then cry after an orgasm. We’re all adults here let’s call it what its not.

Whatever might trigger LINDENBURG, an abrupt breakup, a glance in the mirror, finding blood in poop, a question of faint existence, lonely thoughts, or just straight up drunken schizophrenia, there’s a playlist.

Here at POWzine we’d like to take a moment to recognize that playlist and all of us who loop it more than 10 times. Therefore, we have conjured up our own for-free-viewing.

This is just a start. We’d love for your participation to make this playlist as dreary as it can be. So click buttons and add to LINDENBURG.

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