(Cheap) Vacations all we ever wanted:

Pictured: British tourists pose with friendly locals.

I put aside some money for an upcoming trip I'm planning. I managed to secure a round trip ticket to London for $585 Americano taxes included. It might be a little too soon but I'm having second thoughts. Thinking maybe I should go somewhere out of the ordinary. You know...try new things. I'm all about trying new things; I mean just ask the transvestite next door. We went to a Mongolian restaurant together...what?

I've never been to Africa. A ticket to Somalia is not that expensive. They have nice beaches and a simple Google image search shows how friendly the locals are, which is rare. Growing up in Jersey City I've experienced all sorts of rude and unfriendly people, mostly Italians. And Puerto Ricans. Oh and the Chinese too, don't even get me started with them. Did I mention the Irish? Never met a nastier bunch. 

Anyone planning on going somewhere nice this winter? North Korea? Iran maybe?

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