We read somewhere that New Year's Resolutions help to boost self-esteem, self-determination, and self-awesomeness. We also read that resolutions are most likely to be dropped the second week of February. So, we decided to make our resolutions on the third week of February, boom!

It takes 21 days to form a habit (wikipedia). Repetition within everyday stuff creates patterns that our brainwaves outline and store and catalog. After 21 days or so, it becomes a habitual element. Quitting smoking is lame, loosing weight is lame, being a better person...spare us, we'd really just like to read about something you think you'd like to stick with for 21 days (if it gets you laid then maybe you'd like to make it a habit).


-Floss more so that I can establish a less hostile dentist-patient relationship, loose some of my 'fat-ass' mentality, like less is more whether it involves food, drink, emotions, thought; trying to be more chill about situations. I really want to wear nicer underwear....it makes me feel nice haha, and my ass.

-MY FO'SHO'LUTIONS: Keep a sketch diary (cuz I only remember 43% of last year), live moreSLASHthink less, and start a sock collection (my socks are boring)...

-Over the past few years I have been working 2-3 jobs at a time while in school. As graduation approaches, I've realized how I really don't want to get a real job and work (also recession ew). My resolution, not only for 2011 but for life, is to find a rich boyfriend/eventual husband. I'm not kidding. My goal is to shed some pounds, start wearing makeup and gain some hotness to attract shallow and wealthy men.


-Get a career...or something that gets me monies. Mostly, monies.

-Starting something and then finishing it. Pretty much.

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